YWCA of Nigeria carries out Human rights education among women, young women and girls and encourages knowledge and awareness around National and International documents supporting human rights of women and girls. We are committed to various advocacy initiatives aimed at advancing domestication and implementation of policies and documents ratified by the Country. This is an attempt at ensuring women, young women and girls’ access to quality health care including sexual and reproductive health information and services, access to financial/agricultural resources, employment, education and land/property. We create awareness, carry out interventions and provide services to end gender based violence, harmful traditional/cultural practices including FGM, child marriage/labour/trafficking and mitigate its effects on women, young women and girls. YWCA of Nigeria is currently part of the network of women’s organisations involved in carrying out community enlightenment campaigns on Violence against Person Prohibition (VAPP) Bill and advocating for its successful passage into Law. We also provide information and access to research centers for young women and girls to mine information on human rights. YWCA of Nigeria actively engages in opportunities for capacity development that abound in numerous international platforms which include – Commission on the Status of Women, CEDAW, ICPD, IAC, ICASA, GIMAC etc.